How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

a worker using a stump grinder to remove a tree stump

Many homeowners are anxious about the cost of tree removal and worry that they don’t have the budget to have dead trees removed. But getting trees that aren’t healthy or that have died removed is something that homeowners need to do before those trees cause major property damage. Tree removal is essential to protect your home and to protect your yard.

If you have trees near your home they should be regularly checked to make sure that they are healthy and they should be removed if they are not. That way you don’t have to worry about those trees falling over on your home during a storm or during high winds.

And having professional tree removal done will ensure that there are not stumps or roots left behind that could be a hazard for your pets or your family. Professional tree removal doesn’t cost as much as you might think, and it’s always cheaper than paying for the damage to your home if a tree falls on your home.

a tree stump being removed by a worker with a chainsaw
A worker cuts the top of a tree stump off before removal.

Professional Tree Removal And Inspection

Most homeowners don’t know that much about their trees. That’s why it’s a smart idea to have your trees looked at every year by professionals. A professional tree removal service can check out your trees to see if they are still healthy and thriving. And if they aren’t they can discuss with you what the best options are for your tees.

Sometimes trees can be saved. But if they can’t be saved getting those trees taken down is the best thing that you can do so that you can avoid having a tree fall over and break off and possible cause damage to your home. An uprooted tree can also rip up the soil in your yard and wreak havoc on your yard as well as damage your home.

If it has been awhile since you have had a professional come out and do an assessment of your trees now is the best time to get that scheduled. Having an assessment done of your trees will make it easier to get a plan in place to deal with your trees and get any dead trees or existing stumps removed. When a technician comes out to assess your trees and give you an estimate for the cost of professional tree removal that professional will create an estimate based on several different factors.

The Factors That Affect The Cost Of Professional Tree Removal

A worker uses a stump grinder to dig up a stumpOne of the biggest factors that will impact the cost of professional tree and stump removal on your property is the size of your property. If there are a lot of trees that need to be looked at and assessed that will obviously have an impact on the cost of the professional tree service. If you have a small property or not that many trees the cost will lower.

Another factor that will be taken into consideration when determining the cost of the tree assessment and removing any stumps or dead trees is the type of property that you have. Flat land is going to be easier to work on so that will usually cost a bit less. If your property is very hilly, sloped, or graded that could impact the price of professional tree removal.

The location of the trees is another thing that the tree technician will look at when determining the cost of the service. Trees that are very close to your home or to outbuildings might be harder to remove than trees that are sitting by themselves in an open area. So the location of the trees and stumps will have to be considered as well.

And the number of trees and stumps that need to be removed will be factored into the estimate too. If you just have one or two trees or stumps that need to get removed chances are the job can be done in less an than hour and won’t cost very much at all. Unless you have a very large property it’s most likely that you will only need to have a few trees or stumps taken out so it’s very possible that professional tree removal will end up costing less than the amount you would be if you were renting a stump grinder or other equipment to try and do the job yourself.

Talk to a professional tree removal and stump removal expert today to find out more about the benefits of professional tree service and how affordable it can be for homeowners to make sure that dead trees and stumps are removed from their property in order to protect their home and make their homes and yards look fantastic. A tree grinding service can make getting rid of tree stumps and dead tees easy and affordable for any homeowner.